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Bright Memory Revealed as Xbox Series Launch Title at PLAYISM Game Show

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The PLAYISM Game Show (PGS), hosted by Japan’s oldest indie game publisher, revealed Bright Memory launches alongside the Xbox Series as the first of several next-gen titles from PLAYISM. The show featured reveals of 2020 and 2021 worldwide releases such as Mighty Goose and Mad Father alongside new content for games like Fight Crab as part of a two hour worldwide broadcast ahead of Tokyo Game Show.

Bright Memory, a high-octane, visually stunning FPS made by a solo developer FYQD Studio, joins Xbox Series S/X line-up and is currently moving towards a launch day release. Use an arsenal of firearms and swords to rack up combos slaying mythological demons. Bright Memory: Infinite will push Xbox Series and PC graphics cards to their limits in 2021. This title was originally planned as the next episode leading on from the early access version but grew into a reimagined and complete Bright Memory, one which the developer always wanted to make.

PLAYISM will publish Mighty Goose, the fast-paced, over the top, classic-inspired run & gun arcade shooter from Blastmode, worldwide on PC and console in 2021. Mad Father, the beloved retro exploration-based horror-adventure created by developer sen, scares up frights with completely overhauled graphics and new story elements on Steam and Nintendo Switch this Halloween season.

Orangeblood, a JRPG inspired by 90s hip-hop from developer Grayfax Software, cranks up the bass on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One starting Thursday, 1 Oct. 2020. TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity, a randomly shifting 24-hour cycle roguelike platformer from developer //commentout, flips onto Steam 2020.

Tasomachi, a beautiful Eastern-themed world full of beautiful architecture and adventure from Orbital Express, premiered footage ahead of setting course for Steam in 2021 along with an announcement that Ujico*/Snail’s House will be joining the project as composer.

Replica, an award-winning Orwellian mystery by developer SOMI, set entirely in a smartphone, will release fall 2020 on Switch with an updated UI. Legal Dungeon, an investigative detective game about determining justice for criminals, also from SOMI, comes to Switch in 2021.

Fight Crab, the clashing crustacean combat arena brawler from developer Calappa Games, clashes with DEEER Simulator from Gibier Games in a crossover update this Q4 2020. Fight as or against the “DEEER Crab,” a horrifying amalgamation of deer pretending to be a giant crab.

Pixel Game Maker MV (PGMMV), the action-game sister software to RPG Maker, which sold more than 2,000,000 copies worldwide, showcased Nintendo Switch deployment arriving later this year. The titles that will be made available on Nintendo Switch will be revealed soon. The Steam version has also been updated with version 1.0.5 now having 30FPS and faster build output in anticipation for use with Switch deployment.

PGS also debuted trailers, features, and new content for other titles including SOUNDARTTsugunohiThe Sealed AmpouleThe Case Book of Arne, and Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth. Additionally, PLAYISM revealed its partnership with Gearbox Publishing on the physical release of Godfall on PlayStation 5 in Japan.

“Now that the next-generation consoles have been fully revealed, I’m sure the indie game scene is about to get more lively. PLAYISM will strive to bring the best of the indie crop into the next generation of gaming by supporting those creators driven by their unique vision and passion for creating something only they can. Because we believe indie games are what games should be like; innovative one of a kind games where true creative freedom is expressed,” said Shunji Mizutani, Executive Producer, PLAYISM. “To celebrate our love of indie games we are holding a sale across multiple platforms. Take a look and you might find something that scratches that itch for a unique gaming experience.”

For more information on PLAYISM, please visit the PLAYISM official websiteFacebook page, and follow @PlayismEN on Twitter.

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