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The Culling devs have proposed to restart development for the original The Culling game.

An official blog post states that “After a hiatus during which we needed to learn some major lessons and get our heads straight, we’re putting The Culling back in development. Our mission is to rebuild our relationship with you and regain your trust. We’re taking the first step today as we bring back the Day 1 build.”. Rumor has it that the poor response to The Culling 2 has resulted in this decision.

Anyone who owned The Culling on Steam will be able to play the new game, called The Culling Day 1 Reference edition.

For most players, this came as a surprise, since The Culling was shut down initially “to focus on other ventures”. While servers remained alive for quite a few months after it’s announcement, the concurrent playerbase had declined to virtually nil.

After The Culling 2’s failure, does the world really need another Culling?

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