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As the Overwatch World Cup is approaching, it’s hard to catch up with all the hype because of the Overwatch League with National Teams joining in from states for North Americas , Hongkong and Seoul(South Korea).

For now as Seoul Dynasty, Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock, the Shanghai Dragons, and Los Angeles Valiant have all announced as founding members of the Overwatch League, and a new team is joining them: Boston Uprising. Uprising will be representing Boston with blue, yellow, and black, modeled with a Soldier 76 skin.

Boston Uprising is owned by the Kraft Group, and is one of the non-endemic esports teams to join the league. The organization recently hired Chris “HuK” Loranger as their president of gaming, and will release their official roster in the coming week.

The team follows the trend of drawing on its home city. The colors are based off Boston’s official flag, and the name is a reference to the city’s storied history. The logo, clearly a B and U combined, is meant to represent a shield. In a statement, the official announcement elaborates on the name:

“Boston has long had a reputation for challenging the status quo, especially during the 18th century, when it gave rise to people and ideas that sparked the American Revolution. It’s in this spirit that we are proud to announce the Boston Uprising, a name which evokes resilience and determination—qualities which we expect will be on prominent display by the team during the Overwatch League’s inaugural season.”

The preseason for the Overwatch League will begin in December, with the first season rolling out in early 2017.

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