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In Hearthstone, the small tavern brawls are about to become big fights in the arena! Rastakhan’s Rumble has unveiled some crazy cards in the past few days – cards which are guaranteed to shake the meta up. Blizzard, in keeping with their promise of revealing a Hero card for one class every set, has finally pulled the wraps off Zul’jin, the hero card for Rastakhan’s Rumble.

                              Zul’jin is a 10 mana Hunter Hero card which replays all the spells the player has cast in the game, with random targets. Zul’jin’s ability closely mirrors the ability of Yogg Sauron, the old god, which was a 10 mana neutral card introduced back in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion.

Zul’jin’s hero power, Berserker Throw, allows the hunter to deal 2 damage to any enemy.

Hunter already has a pretty solid base of spell cards, so Zul’jin has a chance of seeing play in a large number of decks. While Death Knight Rexxar is a strong competitor while he’s in the standard format, he is rotating out of standard format with the remaining Knights of the Frozen Throne next expansion – making Zul’jin a strong contender as a finisher for Hunter.

           The fight is just getting started. Will you be one to seat down and cheer on your champions from the stands, or go down into the arena yourself?

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