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Ubisoft announced that Might & Magic SHOWDOWN is now available exclusively on Steam Early Access. Through Early Access, Might & Magic SHOWDOWN is available before its official launch, giving players the opportunity to get involved in the development process by providing feedback and suggestions.

With Might & Magic SHOWDOWN, Ubisoft Montreal introduces a new tactical PvP combat experience, set in the rich medieval fantasy universe of Might & Magic. Players will test their tactical battle skills while combining a mix of pre-planning and real-time execution.


Players will discover a set of innovative features, including the ability to pre-program character actions before the battle, as well as being able to create detailed, personalized figurines with the in-game Paint Workshop tool. Might & Magic SHOWDOWN also offers tons of content to support those innovative features: 60 solo battles to sharpen your tactics, a cast of 20 unique figurines to paint and personalize and a full-blown PvP mode.

MIGHT AND MAGIC paint-workshop

In addition to the release of Might & Magic SHOWDOWN, players have a chance to try the Might & Magic SHOWDOWN Paint Workshop for free on Steam right now. Available separately, it includes five unique figurines from the full game for you to paint the way you want to.


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