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PQube and Arc System Works have announced that BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition is coming to the west for Nintendo Switch on February 8th, 2019!

Experience the final chapter of the epic BLAZBLUE saga in 40+ hours of story mode, featuring over 30 unique characters on more than 60 stages and challenge yourself or your friends in one of the many modes – anywhere you go! Including all DLC and updates to date, BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Editionwill be the most comprehensive version of the showpiece anime fighting game series from Japan.

The final chapter

Find out how the massive story around Ragna the Bloodedge concludes or relive the grand finale!

Unique character designs

Fan favorites returned and new faces joined with Central Fiction – who will be your fighter of choice?

Stunning visuals

Iconic and beautifully rendered 3D stages offer a unique contrast to the intricately hand-drawn 2D fighter sprites.

Be the aggressor

Central Fiction introduced Exceed Accel attacks to finish Overdrive mode with a bang and Active Flow that will encourage aggressive play!

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