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Anthem, BioWare’s ambitious action role-playing game announced at E3 2017, has been delayed to 2019, according to a report from Kotaku. The much anticipated sci-fi title was originally supposed to come out the last quarter of this year.

The delay is supposedly due to the disappointing performance of Mass Effect: Andromeda released last year that led to a substantial increase in pressure on EA stocks and revenue.

Anthem, an open-world science-fiction RPG with focus on mech suits and co-op was showcased during Microsoft’s E3 keynote last June. The next month, however, BioWare’s general manager and Anthem’s director, Aaryn Flynn, resigned from the studio. He was replaced by Casey Hudson, the longtime veteran of Mass Effect development.

Although Electronic Arts representatives did not have any comment on the report or on the progress of Anthem’s development, it can be safely assumed that EA is looking to win over the disappointed fans with the release of Anthem and has delayed the game to make it more polished and refined.



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