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UPDATE: After a day-long Twitch stream tease, Bethesda has finally announced a new game in the Fallout series – titled Fallout 76.

Original Post: It is common for publishers to put out announcements for their games ahead of E3, and Bethesda has done that with their RAGE 2 reveal. Additionally, it seems Bethesda would also be announcing a new Fallout game, probably Fallout 5 or New Vegas remaster or a Switch port, who knows? All we know is this tells-you-nothing tweet by Bethesda:

The tweet simply posted a GIF of the Indian Head Test Pattern (which is basically a black and white TV test introduced way back in 1939) with a hashtag #PleaseStandBy. Fans were quick to notice that Bethesda has used the same thing in several Fallout games.

But they could be using this image to reveal another game? Well, not really. Bethesda has also started a Twitch livestream which currently only shows the above-mentioned GIF but with Fallout‘s Vault Boy beside it.

One thing’s for sure, Bethesda will soon announce something Fallout related, be it a new game or a new port/remaster. And we’ll make sure to update you on that. So, stay tuned.

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