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The Steam summer sale is here and the PC gamers are digging deep to find games that they have previously wanted but did not have the buying power for the same. And of course there are gamers who are looking to best utilize their limited budgets. So here is a list of 5 games (Bundles) that would be the best value for money (Not in any particular order):

Note-*Rounded up prices above in Indian Currency

Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings/Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt- INR 600


You can expect these two games to always be in the best value for money games ever. The Witcher 2 is available for 84, and for that price it is definitely a bargain. As for The Witcher 3, coming in at 500, the game is worth more than any other game, maybe only matched by Skyrim or Fallout 3 in terms of content. An unparalleled storytelling experience, unmatched voice acting, the 36 endings only add to it’s worth. At 600 this combo is practically the best one could get.

Ultimate Action Duo Pack: Just Cause 3 + Rise of the Tomb Raider- INR 850


Two of the latest releases- Rise of The Tomb Raider and Just Cause 3. For INR 850, you get to enjoy a great adrenaline filled story and get to go bollocks in an open world sandbox full of destructible locales and get the best version of the game at that. Two completely different genres of latest releases at a price of 850 is hands down awesome.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor- INR 250


It may be one of the older games, but that does not mean that it’s not good. The perfect amalgamation of Assassins’ Creed and Batman games, you’ll be engaged in it for quite some time to come. Add to this the Nemesis system and the somewhat compelling LOTR story and for 250 you are not going to regret the purchase.

Mass Effect Collection- INR 200


This pack Includes Mass Effect 1 and 2 and if you are a modern gamer and want to know what makes these games the most epic RPGs, there couldn’t be a better time to dive in. The third part is only available on Origin, but the main attraction is ME2 which comes in one of the best games ever.

Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack- INR 250


This pack includes everything from Saints Row 2 all the way to Gat Out of Hell, including all the DLCs, and boy oh boy, for 250, isn’t that quite the deal. An open world with ridiculous powers makes this game pretty addictive. The games have weak stories, but that is not what they are known for. Similar to Just Cause, these games are for fun and a relaxing time. A whole franchise for 250 bucks that offers so much content is definitely worth your every penny.

These are our games that are the best value for money deals on Steam right now. What do you think of the list? Which game do you consider the best value for money right now? Let us know in the comments below. Also if you have requests for any further lists, do comment your thoughts to us, so that we can try to implement them.


  1. I just discovered your site and this is the first Steam Sale I bought games in. I bought just some of the packs you wrote about: Just Cause 3 + Rise of Tomb Raider at Rs 861, Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack at Rs 247, and Life is Strange Episode 1 at Rs 56. I reaally wanted to buy The Witcher 3 but I am playing the GoG pirated copy which has only Hearts of Stone which means my saves wont work unless I buy Hearts of Stone as well. The day they release a complete edition, I will buy it. These packs are such value for money.

    1. True, but I do request you to refrain from using pirated games, because developers don’t get the cash and many developers have stopped making PC exclusives, which if piracy wouldn’t have been there we gamers would have had a lot of PC exclusives. Did you know that WItcher 3 was brought on consoles just because of piracy on PC? It was one of the main reaosns

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