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We did cover the release of PlayStation Now on PC here, and saw people getting excited over it. But should we PC gamers really be excited for this? Well first of all let’s clarify on what PS Now is- Well it is a streaming service which allows you to play the PS3 exclusives like The Last of Us, God of War 3 etc, anywhere and while this may appear attractive on the surface, there is a lot more going on here.

First of all, the games will run the same as they ran on the PS3, i.e., 720p resolution and 30 fps (Eew), and this is a big bummer, because for such a hefty price- first Sony is giving us about 6-7 year old games and is still not giving us the flexibility of allowing us to play at our own settings and being last gen games does not help in that regard. So no you won’t be playing TLOU or GOW3 on 1440p or 60 fps, rather you would be stuck with lower performance and no flexibility(And before you say that not all people can play at 60 fps, we can lower the resolution and other settings to play games on 60 fps). I don’t see many people getting into this, because rather than having lower tolerance for locked fps and a lower resolution, PC gamers will be pissed due to the lack of options.

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Another reason is the limited library. There are about a few hundred game and not all players want to play Uncharted or God of War, some want to play other exclusives which were not very well known or didn’t get much traction in spite of being good games, and we still don’t know exactly which games are going to be there because it is being advertised with some of the big names only.

Also last, but definitely not the least, it is streaming; just as mentioned above the games will be locked in performance and streaming the games, unless there is an almost top of the line internet connection, latency is bound to be there and PC gamers are not going to tolerate all these performance let downs. Being a streaming library, games can be removed and added without prior notices, so that is there as well.

Personally I think that PS Now on PC, currently is a cash grab and is only going to cater to a very small segment of the crowd, less than 1% of PC gamers. Also I don’t think many people on PC take subscriptions, other than maybe Humble Bundle, which is actually a good subscription because in that, the games are yours and they actually offer quality games. SO what do you guys think of PS Now on PC? Are you looking forward to it, or will you just willy wonka it away. Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Let me know when you can play those PS3 games(among others) at higher resolutions on PC to say there’s a better alternative.


  2. PS now is really good and everyone who can should try the free trial. It’s expensive if you rent games individually, but the subscription make it better. The tech is really cool and for what it is, it should be more praised and don’t deserve all the negativity around it (except for the price).

    Also, almost no PS3 games were ever 60fps 1080p why would they be on PS Now ??

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