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3-Fold Games, the micro game studio co-founded by Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood, launches its debut game, Before I Forget on Steam and itch.iofor PC, Mac and Linux, on 16 July 2020, after being included in the June Humble Originals line-up.

Developed with support from medical professionals at Gaming the Mind, Before I Forget is a short narrative game about dementia, using gameplay and atmosphere to portray a confusing world where memories elude you. Players interact with objects to unlock Sunita’s memories and unravel a mystery.

3-Fold Games will be teaming up with Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, to raise awareness of dementia during World Alzheimer’s Month this September.

Tim Parry, Director at Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, said, “Before I Forget is a poignant evocation of a heart-breaking condition. While the player will be left with a very real sense of the impact of dementia, they will also leave with a lasting impression of the person behind the diagnosis, their story, and their feelings. The game is a unique medium for bringing to life the confusion and fear of dementia, but also reminds us of the pivotal moments in our lives that make us who we are.”

Players step into the world of Sunita – a woman living with early onset dementia. Wandering from room to room, players discover mysterious objects, each holding a fleeting, fragmented memory. Examine faded postcards, scribbled notes, photographs, and more to uncover Sunita’s past, piece together her life-story and understand her present.


  • Short, first-person narrative game with an average playtime of 1 hour.

  • Letters and objects trigger memories, taking players on an emotional journey.

  • A vivid cast of voice actors brings Sunita and her memories to life, using vocal talent, including Anjali Kunapaneni and Bushra Laskar.

  • Original soundtrack with emotive piano melodies by composer, Dave Tucker.

  • Steam bundle includes full radio play written by Chella Ramanan, as found in snippets within the game.


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