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BATTLLOON, the balloon-battling party game from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) publishing label UNTIES and noname studio clashes on Nintendo Switch and Steam
Four fierce competitors, one winning crown. Push enemy balloons into spiked walls while dodging the perils of the themed arenas. Each mischievous opponent wields a passive ability offering an extra edge in battle… including the ghosts of popped balloons seeking revenge and victory points as they vie for dominance.
BATTLLOON, the balloon-battling party game from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) publishing label UNTIES and developer noname studio pops on to Nintendo Switch and Steam.
Dodge starving fish, pointy volcanic rocks and meteor showers out to burst balloons’ bubbles. Navigate treacherous terrain and inflate to bump out the competition. Knock frenemies into spiked walls to be the last balloon floating. Defeated foes come back as ghosts to haunt – and hunt – their rivals for victory points and can still steal the crown.
Colorful, dynamic arenas host a high-stakes contest of skill where each bouncy warrior leverages passive hero abilities to their advantage. Puffer grows larger than others and becomes hardest to budge at the cost of mobility. Lightweight Birdie Jay zips around the arena but easy to push around. Each fighter brings something to the field suited to different playstyles.
Hopping chiptunes and retro-style pixel battlegrounds complete BATTLLOON’s deceptively whimsical aesthetic. Enter multiplayer arenas for up to four players filled with giggles and leave as ferocious champions hungry for more.
“BATTLLOON’s look and feel pull from the aesthetic of classic games, but its gameplay is modern and pulls people right in,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “It’s a great game for bringing friends together in the spirit of friendly competition.”
BATTLLOON is available via Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam for $6.99, supporting English and Japanese languages for two to four players locally.
For more information, visit the BATTLLOONofficial website or follow @UNTIES_Games and @noitems_studio on Twitter.

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