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Relic Entertainment and SEGA recently announced Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War III, a sequel to their classic real-time strategy game Dawn Of War II, after a long time lag of seven years.

Watch the announcement trailer below:

The details regarding the game are quite thin and in that event there’s no release date and platform clarified, although the trailer shows Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks locked in battle, slipping ever deeper into the darkness of endless war.

The game will be Relic’s first main title produced entirely as a SEGA studio due to the acquisition of Relic in 2013 by SEGA.

“This is the Dawn of War that fans have been waiting for,” said Stephen MacDonald, the.title’s Executive Producer. “Our biggest units ever? Check. Giant orbital lasers? Check. Base-building, epic heroes, huge battles, it’s all in there. Get ready for the biggest Dawn of War.yet. For the Emperor!”

Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager at Relic, quoted by saying:

“This announcement is a big moment for all of us at Relic, and at SEGA. We’re setting the bar for what we can achieve, and showing players what they can expect from us in the future. This is just the beginning.”

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