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If you’re liking the first game on the market with real time ray tracing features, then the action is about to get hotter. Battlefield 5 is all set to receive its Battle Royale mode, FireStorm, which will be making its way to the game on March 25.

                                                                                               An official trailer dropped by EA for FireStorm shows some hot World War battle action. The game seems to have “Objectives” one can push to claim for getting the best loot, which looks to be a fancy name for predefined hot drop locations on the map. The game also has all unique weapons, vehicles and artillery strikes one has access to in a normal game of Battlefield 5. Perhaps the best part of FireStorm is the closing ring of fire, providing a plausible explanation for  FireStorm seems to only launch with a Squad mode, but EA promises a Duos mode as part of a scheduled update to be delivered later to the game.

                                                                           FireStorm will be free for all Battlefield 5 owners, and will drop on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 25.

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