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GWENT Gets a New Midwinter Update, Adding 100 New Cards And Many More Features

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It’s christmas time, and GWENT gets a Midwinter update to make the game fun for all of its players! The new update totally overhauls the gameplay features of the game, besides adding better and improved visuals to make the game more eye-appealing. Not to forget 100 new cards to choose while building your deck!

Embark on a new contract in Gwent’s all new holiday event. The rewards for completing it is an unique avatar, frame and player title! Be sure to complete it while it lasts.

If you want more reason to celebrate, there is a Holiday Bag O’ Kegs to cheer you up! For $27.99, you get 400 meteorite powder, one guaranteed animated (or “golden”) epic card, and 25 card kegs. Shupe the Troll is selling this only till January 4th, so be sure to get it while you can!

New gameplay features have been included to make the game more stable and reliable than ever before. A daily quest system is added, which helps you stack up on that ore faster so you can spend it all on kegs for more cards! A new deck-builder as well as innovative resolution stack where effects of cards are resolved one after another.

Check out the new features in the official announcement for the Midwinter update :

With the new features, GWENT certainly looks homely!

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