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New leaks have been happening for quite some time. We’ve got more rumors to wade through than actual game reveals right now. One of the most proactive leaks that we had come across in recent times is about a new Batman game, though not many details were available about it. The game was supposed to be revealed during the PlayStation 5 reveal event – which didn’t happen, apparently. The game (or the event) was supposed to be named along the lines of ‘Capture the Knight’.

New Batman game scheduled for reveal during the PS5 digital event.

There have been rumors about this game for quite some time. A streamer called kNIGHTWING01, who apparently had connections within Warner Bros and the gaming industry, had said that he had heard that the Batman game is likely to be revealed in August with a release date of November 2020. Apparently the game was supposed to be revealed at a special digital convention hosted by Warner Bros on Youtube.

Today, DC Comics Mexico sent out a cryptic tweet, which reads ‘We might get a glimpse of what the video game will be very soon!’ This is a reason to be excited because it has been quite some time since we had seen a Batman game. Moreover, it seems that there is a special DC Fandom Digital Event scheduled for August – which might be where the game might be revealed. If this leak indeed is true, it aligns with what kNIGHTWING01 said about the game earlier.


Note that this should be taken with a pinch of salt until an actual confirmation comes through. Until then, keep calm and…..wait!

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