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Modder ‘GP-Unity’ has released a graphical overhaul mod for Batman: Arkham City. This mod comes with new textures, replaces the game’s HBAO with the more advanced HBAO+ method that was used in Batman: Arkham Origins and adds Global Illumination effects.

GP-Unity has disabled Depth of Field in order to provide clearer and sharper visuals, improved the quality of shadows, enabled Subsurface Scattering via the game’s config file, added reflections to a number of surfaces,

According to its creator, this mod requires 3GB of VRAM – due to the new textures. Owners of GPUs that are equipped with 2GB of VRAM may need to stick to just suit texture changes or just the texture pack.

This mod is reported to be running with 60fps at 1080p on a single GTX970.

This is still a WIP project, however you can download its first version from here. We also suggest reading its installation guide.


Source: DSO

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