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ATOM RPG, Indian Noob’s highly anticipated RPG of this year has got out of Early Access and been released on Steam as of  December 19th, 2018. The developers are excited to share the news that ATOM is being received warmly in the community and is now trending on Steam. It goes without saying that Indian Noob is in the process of reviewing the massive RPG and hopes to release it next week.

ATOM RPG is a postapocalyptic, turn-based roleplaying game created by an international team with members from Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Poland and inspired by the original Fallout 1-2. After successfully gathering funds through Kickstarter, the game was released in Early Access on Steam in late 2017. 

In the world of ATOM RPG, the Cold War broke into an all-out nuclear conflict between superstates in 1986. The game itself takes place 20 years after the apocalypse, in the wild and violent Soviet Wastes. The player is an operative of ATOM – a secret pre-war organization with a goal of subtly re-introducing lost technologies to the people of the Wasteland. The first mission of the player is to find a lost expedition, led by General Morozov, that ventured into a high-tech ruin and never came back… But during the course of the mission, a new danger is found. A menace, that will do what the nuclear conflict could not – and wipe out the remnants of humanity for good…

As a game, ATOM RPG has the following traits:

* A completely non-linear, living world – every in-game location is available from the start. No invisible walls.

* No limits. The game will remain win-able even if the player decides to kill every single person in the game.

* 120+ hours of gameplay in a single full playthrough.

* Unique NPCs. Every single NPC out of 450+ has his own portrait and a unique branching dialogue.

* Many various ways of completing the game – diplomats, brawlers, gunners and grim survivalists will be able to complete the game in a way unique to them.

* The world changes depending on the player. And you do not have to wait until the title crawl to see those changes.

* More than 250 quests, from epic to fast and snappy.

* Around 90 locations – from new cities to old and forgotten high-tech ruins…

* 100 types of weapons, that will come in handy when fighting with 30+ mutant species and tens of human gangs, ranging from insane cultists to forest pirates.

* Up to 5 followers with unique stories and skills.

* A huge spectrum of peaceful activities. Hunt, fish, craft weapons and even drugs!

* An atmospheric soundtrack.

Another interesting part is that ATOM is still developing. Despite the release version hitting Steam, the developers promise at least two free content-filled patches in 2019.

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