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The Indian esports scene is an emerging one, yet it has come a long way, since the days Counter Strike 1.6 used to be played in LAN parties in Cyber Cafes in the cities and towns of the country. With the passage of time, some teams who have made important marks on the timeline of development of esports are washed away by the flow of time, till they are recovered by a guy willing to take the risks. And when that happens, history is remade.

Ate Gaming, one of the first esports teams in the country, have reformed with a new lineup which goes as follows :

  • Sagnik ‘hellfightR’ Roy
  • Akshay ‘Kappa’ Sinkar
  • Ritesh ‘Ritz’ Shah
  • Shara ‘Buster’ Dave
  • Hasnain ‘impale’ Sayed

While signs were apparent about the team being reformed to compete in the numerous upcoming tournaments, nothing could have been more conclusive other than the  Facebook posts made by Sagar ‘lOvEsx’ Vyas, professional FIFA player and Circle Gaming’s marketing head. In a few posts, IOvEsx had confirmed that he had something in the works at Ate Gaming, which left little doubt when he talked about a Real Cricket match with Ritz in the ongoing UCypher League on MTV India.

Another new team to enter the fray will make the Gods of Gaming tournament an interesting tournament to watch.

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