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ARK Survival Evolved’s latest trailer shows one of the new creatures unique to Extinction, ARK’s upcoming DLC. The Gacha is one of the creatures you will meet in the final ARK – Earth.

The Gacha seems to be a Elemental infused beast with a mixture of organic tissues and mechanical (or rather, Elemental) parts. It’s a strong Creature that can break rocks with ease, and seems to excrete Elemental from it’s systems. One strike by the Gacha is enough to knock out smaller and weaker creatures, making it a “moving wooden club”.

In Extinction, Earth has been ravaged by Elemental – a human creation with unique properties. After braving the challenges on The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration, you land on Earth itself – the source of all the other ARKs. Will you battle the memories of a long lost civilization, be lost to the dangers living on the planet surface, or successfully manage to uncover the history and amend the future of the planet?

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