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Following a worldwide update of the new Archer class last week, Adventurers can now experience a more powerful and elaborate action play with the Ascension of the Archer’s skills in Black Desert Online SEA.

The Archer is a unique class, capable of using both his main weapon, the Crossbow, and Awakening weapon, the Greatbow, from the very beginning. However, starting today, the Archer will transform via Ascension upon reaching level 56, allowing him to access a whole new set of skills. The Ascension will also strengthen the Archer’s Greatbow skills and overall combat abilities.

To celebrate the Ascension of the Archer, Black Desert Online SEA is giving away in-game items such as Gold Bars, Crystal Shards and Lauren Family Gifts Boxes to all Adventurers when their Archer character reaches levels 56, 57 and 58 by January 16, 2019.

Also coming to Black Desert Online SEA is the “Welcome to the Winter Festival with Grandpa Cron!” event from December 19 to 26. During the event period, Grandpa Cron will fly across the skies of Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Valencia and Altinova to drop gifts including Santa Hats, Rudolf Headbands and other festive items.

Moreover, Main, Sub and Awakening weapon exchange coupons are now available in the Pearl Shop. Adventurers can use the in-game coupons to exchange their existing weapons for weapons with the same enhancement level for another class. For example, Adventurers that leveled up their Axe as a Berserker can exchange the Axe for a Crossbow with the same level for their Archer character. Adventurers will be able to level up their new characters in no time via the exchange coupons.

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