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The 14th legend to join the roster of Apex Legends is Rampart. After Season 5’s support character Loba, we will be seeing the new character named Rampart joining the offensive league in Season 6. Developer Respawn Entertainment has been dropping cryptic hints all over Twitter about her back story. We have gleaned some details from the data-mined information provided by fans.

  • Her Tactical is Amped Cover with which she can build cover that blocks incoming fire and boosts the damage of outgoing shots.
  • Her Passive is likely Gunner which boosts LMG magazine capacity and reload rate.
  • Her Ultimate is the deployable heavyweight four-barrel machine gun named Sheila with a high ammo capacity but a long reload time, that can be used by anyone.
  • She is somehow connected to Kuben Blisk (leader of the Apex Predators), a ruthless mercenary from Titanfall 2.

Along with the new character, you can also expect the Boosted Battle Pass that contains over 100 exclusive items (including the newly launched Holo-Sprays), crafting mechanics that will change the meta of the game by allowing you to collect materials around the map and building better gear, a new ranked season, and a new energy SMG weapon called Volt. Check out more details about the Season 6 of Apex Legends on EA’s website.

With Ubisoft’s newly launched Hyper Scape, Call of Duty’s Warzone, and Epic’s Fortnite, will Apex Legends be able to eke out an existence in this saturated free-to-play battle-royale PC market? In the meantime, the fun-as-hell indie darling Fall Guys, which breaks the mold of traditional BR, has been nipping their heels with a record 1.5 million players in its first 24 hours. What do you think about the genre, and who do you think will outpace the rest in this race to the top? Tell us in the comments section below!

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