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No more easy masters?

In the latest Apex Legends July 2023 ranked dev blog, developers admitted that arsenal LP (ladder point) tuning was intended to be generous but not this generous, due to some bugs in the ranked system it caused players to gain way too higher ladder Points, and it resulted in an excess of masters players.

Apex Legends

 The above picture shared by the devs shows the inflation of masters players, which is due to the mix of bugs and way too overly generous LP tuning. 

Now as Apex Legends fan and players, we all definitely know how unplayable and demotivating ranked mode is right now in Apex Legends, so let’s get into what devs are changing it in the next upcoming season 18.

 What’s coming in season 18 and the future?

  • In Season 18 devs are adding a minimum elimination bonus increase, based on the player’s MMR that will be set alone from bonus withholding and bumping up the elimination bonus slightly 
  • The overall amount of ladder points distributed in a match is going to be lowered to even out the distribution of players per rank 
  • Devs are also adding a ruleset that only applies to the diamond above-ranked players – in which players in these ranked tiers will have increased stakes and losses, and also decreased rating bonuses and loss mitigations 
  • There is going to be a minimum elimination bonus increase based on the player’s MMR and buffing elimination bonus in general. Doing more eliminations will contribute more to gain higher ranks 
  • Adjusting ring damage to increase action and fights happening inside the ring 
  • Also, making an adjustment to ring timings create more mid-game encounters and fights 
  • Making matchmaking better to handle players that are actively challenging their MMR, for more competitively challenging matches that mirror their ranking.
  • Fixing a number of “ratting” spots 

Devs stated that they want to deliver the best-ranked battle royale experience in the world, with the tightest matchmaking and the sweatiest competition at every rank tier.

Players who made it to masters for the first time will be able to relish the moment more as there will be no splits cause of devs focusing on monitoring and further fine-tuning the current situation 

You can play Apex Legends for free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the EA app and Steam.



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