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GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, had launched the world’s first tactical gaming monitor, AORUS AD27QD this year. The appearance, the tactical features, and the excellent built quality are loved by gamers since the launch of the product. Today, AORUS AD27QD proved itself as not just only a fancy piece of tactical equipment for gamers, but also a masterpiece in the perspective of industrial design by winning a d&i award for Computex 2019.

The COMPUTEX d&i awards evaluate each entry based on five key criteria – “Innovation”, “Technology”, “Functionality”, “Social impact” and “Craftsmanship & aesthetics”, and will select the top ground-breaking innovations to win the award. AORUS AD27QD Tactical Monitor not only fascinated the top industrial designers who were invited to judge the award in all five perspectives, it blew their mind away with the exclusive tactical features such as the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) function and OSD Sidekick. Winning the d&i awards of Computex 2019 was a no-doubter.

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