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Sega and Creative Assembly have confirmed that Alien: Isolation has indeed gone gold. This means that the core work on the project has been completed and the studio is now preparing for its release. Its worth noting that Alien: Isolation has gone gold almost a month before its release.

The team however are not satisfied after finishing their work on Alien: Isolation. The team would be releasing a string of new trailers titled #HOWWILLYOUSURVIVE?, which would be showing off some gameplay and some gruesome deaths too. You can check out the first trailer above.


Alien: Isolation is all set to launch on October 7th, which would kick off the official gaming holiday spree this year. Alien: Isolation unlike its predecessor Alien: Colonial Marine is a survival horror game, and from what the noob has seen from the trailers, its doing a pretty good job.

Alien: Isolation is based upon the Ridley Scott’s classic Alien. The players are stranded on a space ship, and are trying to escape the titular Alien alive. The look and aesthetic of the game are all based off the vision of the future as shown in the film, which look very cool.


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