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We reported earlier that Madmind Studios had decided to re-release their recent game Agony as Agony Unrated. The hellish adventure game was subjected to a lot of criticism prior to release and had to censor a lot of content, thanks in no small part to the ratings board.

Earlier today, Madmind studios has announced via Steam that Agony Unrated won’t see the light of day. The studio had this to say;

This separate version would have been produced and published by Madmind Studio without the involvement of any publishers. But self-publishing a game is no small feat and its understandable from a business and legal standpoint why they are ditching Agony Unrated. Moreover the game was criticized for the performance issues, bug, clunky gameplay and being too edgy just for edginess sake.

The studio further went to announce that the game will get another patch this week across all platforms. It will introduce many fixes and a highly refined lighting system.

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