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2018 is just in, and certain announcements in 2017 has made this year special in the hearts of the gamers. One of the best announcements would be the return of Age of Empires, and a new title in the franchise after a decade, with remasters of both Age of Empires as well as Age of Empires 2. Now we have an actual date of release for the Age of Empires remaster as well! It’s scheduled to release on February 20.

The game will feature an improved minimap, the attack-move option, complete graphics overhaul, 4k resolution, a new OST, new multiplayer options, and enhanced campaign and scenario editor that allows players to upload maps or entire custom campaigns to AgeOfEmpires.com.

The game will be available on the Windows store for $19.99 on February 20 for the Windows 10.


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