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We got our first look at the new Batman game that Tell Tale have been working on during E3 this past week. Apart from the new engine that Tell Tale will be using for Batman and The Walking Dead Season 3, we also got to hear some of the details about the setting in this new Batman game.

The new Tell Tale game will have Gordon who is not a commissioner yet
The new Tell Tale game will have Gordon who is not a commissioner yet

Talking to Engadget, Richard Iggo, the maketing head of Tell Tale, shed some light on the direction Tell Tale will be taking in their new Batman game.

“At the outset we made it very clear we’d love to do a new story about Batman and that’s what they’re letting us do,” Iggo says. “Our plan and our goal and what we are going to do is turn things completely on their head for you, as the player, and also for Bruce Wayne. There’s going to be things which are very, very different to the established canon.”


One thing that will not be changing though, is Batman’s code against killing. “He’s obviously very violent in what he does,” Iggo says. “He’s kind of ruthless as far as it needs to be. I don’t think we’re intending for him to be a murderer.”. Take that Jack Snyder.

Telltale’s version of Batman begins just a few years into Bruce Wayne’s vigilante career and it reboots his entire storyline.

The Batman Tell Tale game will also be working with a M rating. This will allow the game to have more serious and gritty undertones, thinks Iggo.

“We’re definitely delving into the dark psychology of what it means to be Bruce Wayne, so that M rating allows us to do that with really no holds barred,” Iggo continued. “The freedom that have is that we’ve been given characters that you might think of as an ally, who may turn into a villain. One of the questions that’s continually asked of Batman or Bruce Wayne is, is he actually responsible for creating the villains around him? That’s definitely something that we’re going to explore. And of course that will come from your choice as a player.”

The first episode of Telltale’s Batman series lands sometime this summer and all five episodes are set to launch before the end of the year.

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