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Madmind Studio has announced a brand new game called Paranoid which has been under production for some time now.  Paranoid is described as a survival-horror game, combining a deep, psychological story with dynamic and brutal gameplay.

The game tells the story of Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man who has lost his entire family under mysterious circumstances. His parents died violently and his sister went suddenly missing. Trauma associated with the loss of his loved ones destroyed Patrick’s psyche. His own apartment became his prison.

One day Patrick gets a call and the voice on the phone seems to belong to his sister. Thirteen years after the disappearance, she announces her comeback. To learn the truth about everything Patrick will have to leave his life of seclusion, exposing himself to horrible experiences that will put him on the verge of madness.

Key Features:

  • A dynamic and brutal combat system
  • A constant struggle between paranoia and reality
  • Terrifying opponents
  • Drug abusing gameplay mechanics
  • A deep plot combining psychological horror with action and survival
  • A disturbing atmosphere that combines psychosis and surrealism
  • Realistic visual setting
  • Three endings depending on the style of the player’s gameplay
  • Cinematic cutscenes

Paranoid is in development for PC.

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