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AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever offers a easy to pick up, fast paced arcade like alternate to wrestling fans who might not like the simulation, realistic gameplay of the WWE2K series. While there is lots of gaps in the game itself, as a first entry into what can be a regular franchise, its definitely a promising one.

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AEW has emerged as a legit alternative to WWE in the past 2-3 years. It was only a matter of time before that competition would flow over into the video gaming world. With AEW Fight Forever, AEW & THQ try to provide an alternate Wrestling games to fans. Much like their live shows however, AEW does not compete directly with WWE and instead tries to cater to niches and people looking for something different. Does it work though? Let’s find out.

Living The ELITE

AEW Fight Forever places a strong emphasis on the arcade element of wrestling games. The developers have strayed away from realism and instead focused on creating a game that is easy to pick up and play. The gameplay is fast-paced, allowing players to jump right into the action without getting bogged down by complicated controls or excessive frills. AEW Fight Forever trades realism for a more exaggerated, arcade-like experience, where the characters are presented as caricatures rather than lifelike representations. This decision gives the game a distinct flavour and sets it apart from other wrestling games on the market.

One of the standout features of AEW Fight Forever is its career mode, aptly named “Road To Elite.” Unlike traditional wrestling games that heavily rely on in-ring storytelling, AEW Fight Forever shifts the focus to the nomadic life of a wrestler. Players are immersed in the journey of a wrestler, traveling from one location to another, trying out new food, visiting monuments, honing their skills, and building their reputation along the way. The career mode is peppered with mini-games that add variety and challenge to the gameplay experience. These mini-games range from fun and engaging to frustratingly difficult, providing a mixed bag of emotions for players. “Road To Elite” seems to be the most influenced by Kenny Omega, and his love of video games.

However, despite its commitment to the arcade element, AEW Fight Forever falls short in several areas. The in-ring gameplay lacks nuance, with limited move sets and no real ebb and flow. While the game is enjoyable in short bursts, it fails to capture the depth and complexity of real wrestling matches. Additionally, the creation suite, a staple in wrestling games, lacks options and customization features. This limitation hampers the ability of players to create their own unique wrestlers and arenas, limiting the game’s replay value.


One of the most appealing aspects of professional wrestling is its larger-than-life essence. Fans are drawn to the spectacle, the grand entrances, and the pageantry that accompanies each match. Unfortunately, AEW Fight Forever falls short in capturing this essence. The entrances lack the grandeur and spectacle that make wrestling such an attractive form of entertainment. The lack of attention to detail in this aspect of the game is a missed opportunity to immerse players in the world of professional wrestling.

While AEW Fight Forever is a commendable first attempt at a wrestling game, it often reminds players of WWE Superstars, a game that was released over a decade ago. This comparison raises the question of whether relying on outdated gameplay mechanics and graphics is a deliberate choice or a result of limited resources and development time. As AEW continues to establish itself as a major player in the wrestling industry, it is crucial for their video game offerings to match the innovation and quality of their live shows.

It is important to remember that AEW Fight Forever is just the beginning. As a first game in a series, it serves as a foundation upon which future iterations can build and improve. AEW has proven its ability to listen to its fanbase and adapt to their needs. With this in mind, there is hope that AEW Fight Forever will evolve and address the shortcomings highlighted by players and critics alike. The potential for growth and success in the video gaming world is within reach for AEW and THQ.


AEW Fight Forever represents a new era of wrestling games, one that caters to a niche audience looking for something different from the mainstream WWE games. While the game has its flaws, it has laid the groundwork for future iterations that can address the shortcomings and deliver a more nuanced and immersive experience. AEW’s commitment to innovation and providing an alternative to the status quo is a promising sign for the future of wrestling games.

As AEW continues to grow and expand its reach, it is likely that their video game offerings will follow suit. With each new installment, AEW has the opportunity to refine the gameplay, expand the creation suite, and capture the essence of professional wrestling in a way that has never been done before. The potential for AEW to establish itself as a legitimate competitor to WWE in the gaming world is vast, and fans eagerly await the next evolution of AEW games.

In conclusion, AEW Fight Forever may have its shortcomings, but it is an important step in the right direction for AEW’s foray into the video gaming world. The arcade-style gameplay and unique career mode offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional wrestling games on the market. While there is room for improvement, the future looks bright for AEW wrestling games. With each new iteration, AEW has the opportunity to refine their offerings, capture the essence of professional wrestling, and establish themselves as a legitimate competitor to WWE in the gaming industry.

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