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Recently we had the chance to have a look at Cezor, an upcoming brand of Custom and pre-built Gaming PCs and Workstations, at IGX. As we had mentioned in the previous entry, we liked their idea of building PCs centered around giving appropriate bang for the buck PCs to gamers. At that time we had mentioned very little about Cezor case mods, but looks like in the short span of time between IGX and the comic con, they have managed to customize one of their PCs. This may come as a surprise to many people that, its the first case mod that is based on an Indian game studio, which we had covered at the IGX. Many of you may have guessed it by now, Yes it is Vanishing Point studios, the developers behind the game Third Eye. We are thankful to the guys at Cezor for sharing the images of the PC with us. The PC may be displayed in the upcoming Mumbai Films Comic Con this weekend.IMG-20151217-WA0025 IMG-20151217-WA0026 IMG-20151217-WA0027

Another good news for PC gamers is that peripherals from brands like MSi, Thrustmaster, Razer, Cooler Master and more big companies will be available through Cezor. With more companies backing them up, expansion will be an inevitable outcome.

We are excited about the prospect of seeing decent gaming lounges in the near future

They will also be providing solutions for Gaming Lounges, with PCs customized for certain games and budget. The cases will be customized according to the theme of the games and the lounge. Now this is something creative and new in India. We don’t think any other hardware company has done this and we are excited about the prospect of seeing decent gaming lounges in the near future.

For more information and inquiries, on all that they have to offer you can visit their site:



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