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Well, the wait is over for all PC gamers. After being rumored by Amazon and Steam, Rise of Tomb Raider headed towards PC. As the game was first released on December exclusively for Xbox One and Xbox 360. And now has an official PC release date of January 28.

The developers Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes Software were adding additional feature including Windows 10 and 4K resolution support.
It will available in Steam and on Windows 10 store, Amazon, Square Enix e-Store and also available in physical stores.

Rise of Tomb Raider will launch in three editions Standard, Deluxe and of course a Collector’s edition.
The Standard edition is as usual will always be Standard containing the base game but the Deluxe edition comes with season pass for the current and for future DLCs. Whereas the Collector’s edition contains a Digital Deluxe version of the game also including a 12-inch Lara Croft statue, replicas of Lara’s journal and Jade necklace and a steel case available at Square Enix e-store.


The Standard edition is prized at $59.99 followed by Deluxe edition which was going to be sold at $89.99 along with the Collector’s edition which has a prize tag of $149.99.

“The PC release of Rise of the Tomb Raider continues the positive momentum from our highly successful partnership and collaboration with Microsoft for the launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360,”

-said Scot Amos co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics.

*UPDATE : Rise of tomb Raider is available for pre-purchase on steam right now. By pre-ordering you will get the copy of the first rebooted game in the series, Tomb Raider 2015 along with a bonus Remnant Resistance Pack, featuring the “Remnant” outfit for Lara, a collection of animal skins and ancient Byzantine armor. Pre-ordering will also make sure that you’ll get the pack includes the “Moon Shadow” Heavy Pistol Skin as well as the rare “Bullet Resistance” foil card, which gives Lara extra damage resistance to gunfire.

Are you going to buy it? Feel free to tell us in the comment below.

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