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2ez Gaming officially announced a new 4 man PUBG squad for participating in all official PUBG tournaments.

                             The Indian organization parts ways with a majority of its old squad with the sole exception of Vishal ‘ARCADYYY’ Nathani, who managed to retain his spot in the new lineup. The best hire possibly looks to be Rohan ‘HydraFlick’ Ledwani, who’s a streamer with quite the skills, having placed 5th in the Dell Futurist PUBG tournament and a 3rd finish in the ASUS ROG Invitational with Prajwal ‘Prajwal’ Pol and Tanmay ‘WEeZzEe’ Sharma. The trio and ARCADYYY fit in perfectly, as they had shown during the ASUS ROG Invitational.

2ez Gaming’s performance in professional PUBG in 2018 had been dismal, so a change in the roster makes sense.

The new lineup looks like :-

Prajwal ‘Prajwal’ Pol

Tanmay ‘WEeZzEe’ Sharma

Rohan ‘HydraFlick’ Ledwani

Vishal ‘ARCADYYY’ Nathani

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