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Gen G. Gold is crowned the victors of the TPP tournament of the PUBG Global Invitational 2018, with Team Liquid and Welcome to South Georgio (WTSG) in the second and third places respectively. Gen G. Gold take home a total amount of $400,000, and EscA, who led the squad to victory, netss himself an extra $20,000 for winning the Intel Awards for Most Kills and Longest Survivor.

The third and second places had some real competition, with teams like OMG, Welcome To South Georgio (WTSG) , Piitsburgh Knights and Team Liquid giving it their best to try and win the tournament. Sadly for Liquid, the final deciding match went to Welcome to South Georgio (WTSG), which not only won WTSG the third spot in the tournament with a mere different of 40 points from Team Liquid, but also sealed off any chances Team Liquid had of winning the tournament, after a decent performance in both the qualifiers as well as in the actual tournament itself!

Surprisingly, Gen G. Gold won their sheer lead of the scoreboard in the second day of the tournament, sporting an extremely mediocre performance on the first day itself. The first day saw Gen G. Black taking the fight to Team Liquid, and coming a close second in every match, but eventually dominating the scoreboard, with Gramatic being the player of choice, aggressively pushing and taking kills every chance he gets. Liquid, WTSG and Knights had an extremely decent all-round performance, sporting a balanced play style.




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