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Poland is a Slavic country originally formed as a collective of Lechitic tribes around the Vistula river in the Middle Ages. These tribes worshipped pagan gods like Perun and Swaróg until the year of 966, where Christianity baptised the country in a hack’n’slash kind of way, one might say. A little bit of trivia here: many elements in The Witcher series are heavily inspired by these Slavic pagan mythologies.

Several centuries and invasions later, by an assortment of armies including even the Mongols who came from quite a distant land, the country was established as a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. At that time, the state became famous for the introduction of the Winged Hussars into their cavalry. Designed with the intention of smashing enemies in one hit, they are now found in some strategy games that utilise historical units.

Following several more centuries and invasions, the country vanished from the world map in 1795. The people of Poland worked tirelessly on secret plans to reestablish the state, and eventually they did. In November 1918 Poland regained its independence after 123 years of not existing on the map. Another invasion later, we are still here plotting a different kind of secret plan: to invade the world back with brilliant and thought-provoking video games.

This War of Mine, The Witcher, Dying Light, Superhot, Frostpunk, Dead Island, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Shadow Warrior 2, Bulletstorm, Gears of War: Judgement, and many others have been created by Polish game developers and are one sale!

Head on over to Steam and pick up some Polish games, the sale ends November 9th.

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