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ZOTAC Technology, a global manufacturer of innovation, is
proud to unveil a wide range of upcoming products and hardware in COMPUTEX 2018. At
the forefront are the next generation of ZBOX Mini PCs featuring next-gen CPU and gaminggrade
network hardware, never-before-seen gaming machines from ZOTAC GAMING, the
latest VR GO backpack with an all-new design, and award-winning PCs. An exclusive
showcase of ZOTAC’s leading innovations in graphics card, as well as a grand stage set for the
defuse-filled ZOTAC CUP MASTERS Asia Regional Finals are also the show-stoppers to
invigorate the excitement.


Two ZBOX Mini PCs which won the COMPUTEX 2018 d&i award takes center stage. First is
the ZBOX CI660 nano with an all-new passive cooling chassis design inspired by the
honeycomb, one of nature’s most recognized and strongest structures. The first Mini PC to
be equipped with an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, the ZBOX CI660 nano can handle up
to a 25W TDP processor and delivers the most powerful performance from a ZBOX C Series
Mini PC in complete silence.
Second is the VR GO 2.0, a Backpack PC designed to be worn. The refreshed system features
an all-new design that’s smaller and lighter, but with more power as it’s paired with the
latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor. In addition, VR GO 2.0 improves the level of VR
immersion with its ergonomics design with more a comfortable backpack strap that adds
separation for improved ventilation. Plus, it is one of the first ZOTAC products to feature
SPECTRA Lighting with Addressable RGB (ARGB) providing more powerful lighting features.
MAGNUS Gaming Mini PC also hails its biggest breakthrough. Its latest model is the first
ZBOX tapping into the advanced Killer Wireless and Killer Ethernet technology, prioritizing
game or video stream to ensure fast access and lower latency while gaming and or streaming.
And with a discrete ZOTAC GeForce® GTX desktop graphics and a 8th Gen Intel® processor,
MAGNUS gives you an unparalleled gaming and multimedia experience in the smallest of
form factors.
The ZBOX MA551 makes another appearance with final specs in tow. Powered by the allnew
AMD Ryzen™ 5 processor with an integrated Radeon™ graphics, it’s still the world’s only
next-gen AMD Ryzen™ powered Mini PC.


Following in the footstep of last year’s success with the premier gaming desktop MEK1,
ZOTAC GAMING introduces two groundbreaking newcomers of the gaming PC series – MEK
At half the size and lighter in weight than the MEK1 gaming desktop, MEK MINI brings even
more gaming performance. Its ultra-compact design makes the mini desktop a powerful
portable gaming system for eSports and intense gaming. The 8th Gen Intel® processor and
the discrete ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics card inside it are in isolated zones to keep a
low temperature for optimized performance. Adding in the fact that the desktop is equipped
with gaming-grade Killer networking hardware, a fast 32GB Intel Optane memory and
stunning SPECTRA with ARGB Lighting, MEK MINI is one of the most potent compact gaming
desktops available today.
For the ultimate in gaming performance, MEK ULTRA is the highest caliber addition to the
MEK Gaming PC Series. The gaming machine houses top-tier hardware that can run today’s
and future’s games at their highest possible performance. MEK ULTRA also features the nextgen
SPECTRA Lighting with ARGB.

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