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Last August PC gamers were introduced to the glam, grit and glitter of Japanese crime organizations through Steam release of Yakuza 0, the 6th mainline game in the long running sandbox brawler series. It’s a great game, a great port and an amazing experience and there is no doubt about this.

As a sign of things to come, Sega also teased the launch of Yakuza Kiwami, the remake of the first game in the series alongside the PC launch of Yakuza 0. Although there have been not many updates regarding the game other than a Steam store page and wishlist option, it was expected to land sometime this year and it definitely looks like that is the case.

A Steam update spotted on SteamDB by Andrew Marmo and posted on Twitter strongly indicates that Kiwami will be landing onto PCs worldwide soon with Steam keys being generated ahead of launch. 41 Steam achievements has also showed up on Completionist. If that doesn’t tell that Yakuza Kiwami will be getting the definitive experience in a few weeks, I don’t know what else does.

We reported few months ago that Yakuza 6: A Song of Life would be making its way to the PC this year. Even if that doesn’t happen in 2018. We’ll just be happy with Kiwami for now(I haven’t even completed 0). Sega is busy remaking/remastering the series in the chronological order and we’re pretty sure that Kiwami 2, Yakuza 3, 4, 5, and 6 will make its way to the PC sooner or later.

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