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2017 was a landmark year in the gaming industry as the global revenue exceeded 100 billion USD, with professional esports tournaments cash prizes reaching 90 million USD. More interestingly esports has officially entered into Asia Games 2022! These are some of the strong indicators of the bright future ahead for gaming industry’s exponential growth.

In recent years, the market had an influx of numerous gaming gear brands with the products getting commoditized. Founder Ms Connie Chiu, who has been a witness to this rapid development of PC gaming/esport industry for over 15 years, has teamed up with her long-acquainted business partners from Italy, who have an expertise in the console gaming industry as well. Together they have designed a world class range of gaming gears which boasts of tournament grade quality enhanced further with Italian sophistication, especially in form and colors – the perfect arsenal for the all gamers, called ‘XANOVA’.

As a part of Xanova’s marketing strategy, the company will tap into the untapped potential customer and market base in Asia. They will soon be entering India Market and now actively looking for strategic partners to enter India market strongly.

Ms. Connie Chiu said, “The successful launch of Xanova in various regions in Asia could not have been possible without the great support received from GALAX, who is already a leader in graphic cards and SSD space”.

“I would like to extend a special thanks to Mr. Alex Lam, the CEO of Galax Microsystems Limited, who possesses great visions about the esport industry potential and has always been passionate about putting gamers’ interest first above all else”, she added.

The expertise of Xanova’s team will ensure to build a strong image for the brand in no time. Xanova will make products which will provide gamers with a strong front in the competitive gaming landscape. The R&D team from Xanova composes of cross country pro-gamers and Gamer-developer team who have in-depth understanding of gamers’ needs to achieve the best price-performance mix to make high quality esports equipment at right prices targeting all gamers.

GALAX XANOVA, is launching its first set of gaming gear for gamers which includes a complete portfolio of the esports equipment with driverless tuning which gives them an edge to win critical in-game moments. The product line consist of :

  • Juturna and Ocala series headsets, with wide audio positioning & game host grade microphone
  • Magnetar RGB and Pulsar mechanical keyboards, Cherry switches with a life span of over 10 years
  • Mensa series gaming mouse, which includes the most powerful small mouse targeting Asian gamers
  • A full series of mousepads, Deimos and Phobos, which are made of three materials, all are optimized with the Xanova mouse and also majority of gaming mice in the market with similar sensors
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