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Iron Wolf Studio is proud to present Nazi Busters: a first person shooter depicting in retro style an alternate version of WW2. A dastardly mix of Duke’s off-color jokes and relentless Wolfenstein über-violence is set to receive a playable demo in 2021.

The creators of a highly realistic sim, Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter, are taking a detour and want to present WW2 events with a different spin. Man cannot live by realism alone. Nazi Busters is an FPS game, where Nazi dead bodies mix up with the hero’s one-liners so frequently, that even John Rambo himself would blush.

See the latest trailer for Nazi Busters: 

Your objective is as straight as a Luger’s barrel: kill as many Nazis as it’s humanly possible, unearth their miraculous technological wonders and change the course of history… and don’t forget to come back with a thousand Nazi scalps. 

What lies in the granite corridors of Nazi bunkers?

  • Experience highly stylized visuals in retro aesthetic akin to Wolfenstein 3D
  • Listen to a mighty dose of brazen humor, reminiscent of Duke Nukem
  • Witness the might of the Wunderwaffe: the alternate vision of WW2 has enabled Nazis to fulfill their most whimsical ideas for experimental weaponry
  • Repel Nazi hordes in an explosive, blitzkrieg-like gameplay
  • Get to play the demo in 2021

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