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The multiplayer “hide & seek” game by Daedalic Entertainment and Barrel Roll Games, Witch It is gearing up to celebrate this year’s Halloween season. Until November 26th, 6pm (CET) gamers can unlock new costumes and items for their witches and hunters and spread a creepy atmosphere.

But that is not all: Witch It introduces a new game mode: “Fill a Pot”. The witches have to fill three out of five caldrons in order to win the round – and the hunters have to prevent it. One game session consists of two rounds and the team size is even on both sides. In this update, the main constellation is 2 vs 2, but Barrel Roll Games is already working on adding the constellation of 3 vs 3.

In Witch It two teams are fighting against each other: The hunters have to look for the witches in a magical and humorous environment. The witches spread out on the map and can change into any available prop. After a short hide phase, the hunters swarm out and use every feature and skill to seek the witches. Besides “Fill a Pot”, there are three additional modes:

  • “Hide & Seek” – Hunters have to find all witches in order to win a round. If you’re caught, you’re out
  • “Mobification” – Caught witches become hunters
  • “Hunt a Hag” – Skills are deactivated for both teams and hunters can only use melee attacks

More features:

  • Hunters and witches can play on twelve different maps, every map has its own theme
  • A growing set of new skills to either hide and/or seek
  • Due to the dynamic controls, moving around and finding hiding spots is simple and intuitive
  • Various customization possibilities for witches and hunters with different ranks and rarities
  • Play on public or private servers

Witch It is in “early access” on Steam and available for $14,99. A version for PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One are already planned.

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