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A new trailer for Hitman is released titled as “Hitman – Accolades Trailer“, and as the title suggest itself, the video takes you through all review scores from critics, which are awesome indeed.

And as usual I got it right down here…..just below, see!

The video above shows review scores by the critics (duh!) but it also glimpses about what we can aspect from the upcoming episodes in this episodic stealth adventure. It additionally demonstrates some nice locations, explosive action and Agent 47’s disguises, as expected.

I didn’t get my witty hands on the game till now, but if we consider those early reviews, then this Hitman is worth playing. It is considered as the “best” entry in the series so far.

What makes this Hitman awesome is “possibilities”, possibilities that can prompt to new potential outcomes. There are more than one way you can kill you target, like by killing him straight by a gun shot or by a rat poison or by a machinery defect which looks like an accident and what not, isn’t it awesome? Sure, it is!

Hitman is currently accessible to purchase digitally for PS4, PC and Xbox One, however in the event that you’re sitting tight for the physical release, I have an update for them – physical release won’t turn out until 2017.

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