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Activision  just launched a new feature for Call of Duty: Black Ops III called the live event viewer.

The Live event viewer will allow players to tune into e-sports matches from directly within the game. These matches, will be from the newly launched Call of Duty World League, with weekly competitions scheduled in three different regions, including North America, Europe, and Australia / New Zealand.

The feature is only available in the PS4 version of the game.

Black Ops III isn’t the first game to offer a feature like this — Dota 2 similarly features a very robust in-game match viewer — and so does SMITE. The addition of Live viewer however is part of a broader strategy from Activision to become a big player in the rapidly growing world of e-sports. Not only did the publisher launch a competitive league for Call of Duty in November — complete with a $3 million prize pool — it also formed a dedicated e-sports division and acquired pioneering e-sports group Major League Gaming, with the intent of building a broadcast network that aspires to be “the ESPN of e-sports.”

What do you think of Activision entering the e-sports market slowly. Do you think e-sports is the future for COD. Or is it already too late for the franchise. Let us know all this and more in the comments.

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