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Fatshark, the developer of the critically acclaimed Vermintide series has announced that the second DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 titled Back to Ubersreik will release on December 10 for PC and Xbox One.
As the name suggests, the DLC will take the Ubersreik Five back to three familiar levels from the first game, starting off with the fan favourite ‘Horn of Magnus’. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t revealed what else new is coming with the DLC, apart from the remastered levels themselves.
Upon the heroes discovering an Ubersreik Lodestone, Olesya – the resident spy-master and grey wizard – sends the heroes into an illusion of Ubersreik. Claimed to be the birthplace of Sigmar, the city of Ubersreik lies at the mouth of the Grey Lady Pass. As the heroes return everything appears to be … sort of the same. In the second DLC for Vermintide 2, the heroes return to Ubersreik to uncover the dark truth hidden within the city.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Back to Ubersreik DLC will be available on PC and Xbox One for 9.99 USD/ 6.99 GBP/ 7.99 EUR.
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