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It’s a great  time to be a Warframe player these days. The co-op space ninja sim is the epitome of F2P titles that is in no way pay to win. After last November’s huge Plains of Eidolon update, it has been revealed that two brand new expansions will be making their way over to Warframe.

The first major expansion named Fortuna will take place in an open world setting on Venus. The update will add a new faction called Solaris United which is comprised of cyborgs who live in a neon-filled colony named, Fortuna. Fortuna will serve as players hub city for the expansion much like Cetus in Plains of Eidolon. Players will explore a big landscape packed to the brim with seascape flora, giant mushrooms, rare creatures, and all kinds of interesting things.

The second expansion is titled Codename: Railjack, which will come sometime after the end of this year and will focus entirely on space combat. Players will need to team up to pilot a spaceship and manage driving, weapons, and shields. Watch the first look video below.

To top it all off, developer Digital Extremes has said that two new Warframes (think space ninja suits) are also coming to the game.

Warframe, released in 2014 has made a mark on the industry for its business model, free content updates and continous post-launch support. Warframe is freely available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (in the near future, that is)

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