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Virtual reality is the latest fad in the gaming industry (besides 4K – on consoles at least) and Nintendo really isn’t a stranger to the concept – they did have something close to VR in the form of the Virtual Boy, a 32-bit console with a headset that shows off stereoscopic 3D images. Too bad for Nintendo, the tech just wasn’t there for that back in 1995 so the Virtual Boy ended up being a commercial failure due to it’s horrendous 3D effects and lack of good games.

It seems like Nintendo may yet again try their hand at VR; dataminer Cody Brocious has found references to VR in the Switch interprocess communication interface code.


In another Reddiit post, a user brought up the question of this being Android code, he denied it saying it’s not. Interestingly, he also revealed that Switch does use some amount of code from Android, likely for better Tegra compatibility.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing VR and Switch connections; certain Switch patents were made public some time ago that revealed a CAR prototype design for the system, akin to Google Cardboard, Google’s own VR headset peripheral for smartphones.

Would you like to see VR on the Switch?

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