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Valorant has announced the Give Back Bundle, which will be released along with Episode 3.

From June 2 – 7, you can vote for the skins that you want to be included in the Give Back Bundle. On June 16, the winners will be announced, and the skins in the bundle will return to the game on June 22.

The Give Back Bundle has been crafted in association with Impact Assets. 50% of the revenue from weapon skins and 100% revenue from accessories will go towards Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

Currently, these are the sets that you can vote from:

  • Sidearms – Reaver Sheriff, Magepunk Ghost, G.U.N. Classic, Sakura Classic, and Ego Ghost.
  • SMGs & Shotguns – Valorant GO! Spectre, Sovereign Spectre, Oni Bucky, Celestial Judge and Sakura Stinger.
  • Rifles – Reaver Vandal, Ion Phantom, Prime/2.0 Phantom, Prime Vandal, and Infantry Guardian
  • Snipers or Machine Guns – Ion Operator, Reaver Operator, Prime//2.0 Odin, Sovereign Marshal, and Wasteland Marshal.

As per the results, Reaver Sheriff, Valorant GO! Specter, Reaver Vandal, and Ion Operator are leading the charts. The voting will conclude on June 7, so Vote for your favorite weapons now! 

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