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Katsu Entertainment have announced that their explosive physics-based puzzler, Sausage Bomber, will be available  from today on Windows PC and Mac via Big Fish, itch.io and Humble Bundle.

In Sausage Bomber, invaders have the nation of Fredonia over the coals, and the only way to fight back is by pounding the enemy with the ultimate weapon of destruction: the Sausage Bomb! Through strategic Daylight Precision Sausage Bombing, blow your enemies away with hard-hitting hot dogs, a hellstorm of Scottish haggis, killer kielbasa, and a maelstrom of cured meats. Time your attacks just right and relish in your victory. There’s no time to go limp, soldier. Get bombin’!

“After working together as game development professionals for nearly 15 years, Sausage Bomber is our first original, wholly-owned product, and something that the team is very happy to be able to share with the world,” says Katsu Entertainment’s Founder and Director of Development, Stéphane Imbert. “We’re excited to bring Sausage Bomber, a game that’s kept us and so many fans laughing, to Mac and PC.”

Sausage Bomber Key Features:
  • Bombing Made Easy: One strategically timed click drops a Sausage Bomb — delivering endless possibilities for meaty mayhem! Plan your attack and trigger a cacophony of physics-based chain reactions that will obliterate the scenery and throw your enemies across the battlefield.
  • Hours of Sausage-tacularAction: Play 128 missions against the nations of Relishtonia, Krautsbourg, Ketchup Isles and Dijon Terre. Blast your way through enemy territory and become the enemy’s wurst nightmare.
  • Speak Softly and Carry a Big Sausage: From Vienna sausages to hotlinks, the more you play, the more you unlock. Enemies will tremble at the awesome might of the incomparable Atomic Sausage!
  • Rain Death From Above With Better Bombers: From the Hellcat to the Spitfire; from the Lightning to the Dauntless — these planes are ready to drop it like it’s hot, dawg! Victories will fetch you some fiery fliers, ready to bring those invaders to their knees.
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