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If you’re a gamer, and are not that tech-savy (or do not find the need to be a geek), or find handling the delicate wires and plug points of the various components of a PC very tedious, then getting a pre-built PC is the best choice. If you live in India, your best choice for pre-built PCs would be Volted PC, a site dedicated to making pre-built gaming PCs, according to the needs of the gamer, and well within his affordability.

The Volted PC logo.

Starting one and a half years ago, when PC gaming was on the rise, with far reaching effects even in a country like India. Building up a reputation isn’t easy, and this is exactly where these guys struck a chord with the gamers – customers don’t need to go through the hassle of assembling their own PC, their PC is sent to their home, assembled, and ready to run the games they are so eager to try out. If you have an especially good taste in PCs, and run after aesthetics as much as you run after high-end components, then these guys are ready to tune and mod your cases for you – to your liking.

Why PC gaming? As suggested for centuries, the PC is a more customizable and hence more powerful platform, sporting way better horsepower than a console. Also, PC has cheaper games, Steam sales (yeah, where we offer our money to Lord Gaben in exchange for video game licenses and his blessings), free online multiplayer, and greater computing power for other tasks excluding gaming.

If systems aren’t exactly what you are looking for, but rather certain accessories or hardware to add to the gaming experience, then Volted PC has custom gaming peripherals too.

Need a custom theme for your gaming PC to show the other geeks in the neighborhood? They can make one for you, quite easily (with their Game of Thrones themed PC attracting quite a lot of attention) Liquid-cooled PCs are their speciality – and their prices are quite decent too (for an average liquid-cooled PC, which is supposed to be quite expensive).

A few sample gaming PCs built by them are shown below:

The gaming scene in India is fast improving, with gamers dishing out increasing amount of money for better gaming PCs as well as games, with slightly increased social acceptance, as well as rising middle class incomes. Innovators like Volted PC only fuel the rise of gaming as another form of the entertainment.

Check them out at http://www.voltedpc.com/ or visit their exclusive store in Nehru Place in New Delhi.



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