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Viking Vengeance is an RPG inspired by Norse mythology with many twists and new mechanics in a lowpoly cartoonish environment developed by Lowpoly Interactive. The game is now on Steam with a 2019 release window and is available to be wishlisted.

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– Raider and Ranger classes
– unique level up system with a variety of skills, talents and items to choose from
– Worship a God of your choosing to gain their aid in battle or even become their avatar for a short period of time
– Gather your enemies` blood and use it as sacrifice at the Idols to boost your devotion to the Gods and enhance your abilities
– Visit the blacksmith to improve your gear or buy new items
– 2 different options to choose from when you die, each with its own advantages and disadvantage
– A story mode that will take through different mythological places where you will encounter all kinds of foes, some more familiar than others.
– Execute your enemies to restore your health or to gain extra blood that can be exchanged to revive faster
– Collect different and unique rune stone to enhance the idols and become more powerful
– Use the environment and game physics in your favor to gain the upper hand in combat
– Pray to your Norse God to gain their aid in battle and push back the Templars and their God

– Raid mode where you go to pillage and loot different Christian settlements – more details soon
– Different classes such as Witch, Berserker, Shieldmaiden and others.
– Arena of Gods where you go to test your might and try out different builds

It all began with the conflict between the Holy Christian Empire and the Pagan States. A dispute started many centuries ago for reasons long forgotten.

The end of the skirmish was nowhere near until the Christians instituted the Templar Order to act as ambassador of the Holy Christian Empire and put an end to this futile war. Not long after, a peace treaty was struck and finally things were looking up. The people of both sides were able to go back to their regular lives.

But this peace wasn’t meant to last because soon the Dark Ages began. Days became shorter, nights became longer, crops started to fail, famine spread and diseases where lethal.
The conflict started once again between the Christians and the Pagans for food and resources.

People took this as a punishment from their God for the Templars peace treaty with the Pagans, and in order to gain back the favor of God, they arrested and executed the Templars.

One Templar knight managed to escape. This last Templar started to look for the only thing that could help, the Holy Grail. He knew that finding it could regain him Gods favor and give people faith in his order once again.
After years of struggles he managed to find the Holy Grail and with it he started healing people, restoring their crops and bringing back the faith in God.

He became a hero and the people made him the first Emperor of the Holy Christian Empire.
But the Emperor didn’t stop there. Power corrupts the best and attracts the worst and because of this, he reinstated the Templar Order but this time he wanted to make sure it won’t be like the last time. This time with the power of the Grail he made the Templar Order a powerful army that was set on conquering and converting the Pagans to Christianity in order to avoid another Dark Age. Bringing more worshipers to the Christian God will certainly gain His favor, the Emperor thought.

One of the Pagan states belonged to the Viking people. This is where our story begins.
Viking Vengeance follows the story of a Viking taken hostage by the Templars as a child to be raised as one of them, who after many years in the Templar army finds an opportunity to revolt against them during a raid in the Viking lands.

Looking to stop the Templar oppression and push them back you will find yourself on a journey to restoring peace back into your homeland by reconnecting with your true Norse nature.

You will go on a quest through different lands and realms where you will encounter a variety of enemies with different characteristics. Your goal will be finding an ancient weapon that will change the destiny of your people.
Defeating the enemies will require you to use every weapon at your disposal even the environment and when that is not enough, pledging yourself to the norse Gods to gain their assistance in your quest for revenge.

Death is not final or at least not for you…
Not every aid you receive will have good intentions behind them.
Not all those who wander are lost, especially not Wotan.
Everybody is a villain in someone else’s story.

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