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Timeslip Softworks has released the 1.01 update for their tactical turn-based RPG Vigilantes. This update focuses exclusively on fixing bugs and the bugs which have been addressed are listed at the bottom. The developer also explained what’s in store in the future for Vigilantes while deciding to take a bit off time off to recuperate from the exhaustive crunch hours.

“With a finite amount of time left to work on the game, the addition of new, large-scale features is unlikely, primarily because adding features is time-consuming, will reduce the stability of the game and simply will not provide the greatest benefit to the game in relation to the amount of time that is available.

A significant amount of feedback mentions quality of life/interface improvements and providing better information on game systems as areas that need attention – these areas will be addressed.

Game balance will also get attention, and I believe adding content, such as new perks, equipment, diary entries and encounters will add value for new players, and freshen up the game for veterans considering “one more game”. If you would like to offer any feedback for future work on Vigilantes, you’re most welcome to leave a comment, drop by the forums, or Steam!”

We reviewed Vigilantes last week and was so impressed to call it “a love letter to turn-based strategy classics.”


  • Worked around an issue causing a crash the first time an enemy is knocked out. This is caused by a problem establishing a connection with Steam. The work around allows the predicted <1% of players experiencing the issue to play Vigilantes, but achievements will not be registered.
  • Fixed issue with players or enemies equipping MK4 trauma kits preventing further action.
  • Fixed being able to fire shots through walls on urban playground map.
  • Fixed surveillance kit giving +5 bypass rather than +5 surveillance
  • Fixed issue on Kurt Renko map in which unobstructed tiles are unwalkable, if you select the wait option.
  • Fixed encounter with the boxer, survivalists attacking police, recurring.
  • Fixed stat modifications from ally relationships not being factored in loaded games.
  • Fixed utility items being removed in error during load / save
  • Fixed a couple of instances where 3d models were not correctly mapped to tiles
  • Fixed AP not updating after reloading, firing and using trauma kits
  • Fixed bonuses from a close deployment carrying over into subsequent missions
  • Fixed incorrect description on tactical baton upgrade and bug which allowed tactical baton to be upgraded to itself repeatedly
  • Fixed firing position not being taken into account for overwatch purposes
  • Fixed multiple strafe from cover attacks causing a crash, if subsequent clicks occur too quickly.
  • Fixed game input becoming locked if a firearm jams when making a targeted attack
  • Fixed increasing the stats of one character, switching characters using the character portraits, and reducing the same stat in another character
  • Fixed issue with using prowess on Emilia in the “From the Past” encounter reducing Sam’s relationship with himself!
  • Added a minimum delay between clicks on end turn button to prevent mis-clicks and potential interference with enemy turns
  • Fixed using Team reload causing the creation of a “ghost” stack of ammo, if the exact number of bullets needed to reload a weapon are in the inventory
  • Reduced the number of decimal places in the display strings of a number of derived stats
  • Added a potential fix to an issue with the game not progressing after a double shotgun blast. This fix is not definite, as the information in the log file didn’t reveal the exact cause.
  • Fixed an issue with a player character having their HP reduced to 0 when moving through fire not having their turn ended.
  • Fixed certain encounters allowing you to spend more cash than you have.
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